Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Week Ago Today...

So a week ago today we were all celebrating Thanksgiving in our own ways.. I hope everyone found some happiness on Thanksgiving. I know there are so many people struggling with the economy, family troubles, loss of loved ones, and so much more...

My family on Thanksgiving is very traditional...Well what I call traditional may be different than your view..As a family, and I do mean ALL of our family. From my Granny to my Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, my Mom, my Brother, all of their immediate families and my immediate family. We have a traditional meal with Turkey, Ham, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, rolls, and on and on and of course we can't forget the pies as well LOL!! We always have an open door to anyone who wants to join in Thanksgiving with us. We have had family friends, in-laws, and many other people come! But most of all we just enjoy our time together and we can be quite crazy when we all get together!! This years Thanksgiving has been the BEST one we've ever had, minus one important Uncle who could only stay for a short while...But we literally laughed so hard and so much that ALL of our muscles hurt for days!! But it was a blast and I truly am blessed with the greatest family on earth!! I love them all and I could not be more Thankful for the times we share together!!

My Granny is threatening my life if I continue to take pictures of her LOL!!

My sweet DD....

My Bubby and his Girlfriend..

My Aunt and my Momma

We like to call ourselves "Gar's Angels" minus my Auntie and Me LOL!!

Now here's my Auntie throwing herself and other things into the picture...BAHAHA LOL!!

DD again...Notice no single shots of J, he is to busy running with the boys!

My Handsome Hubby!!

There is a story behind this casserole...NO it didn't get left in the car all day...Pfft....By my Gorgeous Cousin!

Me and my Family!!! I love them!!

Got a good game of BB going on!

My mama..

My Auntie and Cousin being good....For now LOL!!

AHHH finally reading "black Friday" ads...


  1. That's cool that your family could all be together. Looks like a good time was had by all. Most of our family is back east, either in PA or FL. I also have a bro in VT. Only family we have here is our son & wife and one of my nieces and her BF.

  2. Love all the pics! Sounds like my "family traditions". Great family pic too...
    You just have the sweetest momma! Loved meeting her last week too!!!

  3. Nothing better than a good 'ol family get together!

  4. Good family times -- it is wonderful and looks like you have a great group!

  5. I think big family get togethers are so great! I come from a fairly small family, and while my Hubby's is bigger (because he has two married brothers) we still don't do anything with cousins/aunts/uncles, etc! I miss that, but there's not much one can do about it.
    You look just like your Momma! :)

  6. Thank you sis for such a wonderful blog. And the comments from your blogging friends, I am happy to have met two of them, they are an inspiration to me. :) I do think that one of the reasons our family get togethers just seem to be getting better all the time is we have started realizing how very blessed we are. From our Saviour Jesus Christ, to the very least of us peoples :) From him all blessings flow :)
    Love you Sis

  7. I love when families are able to get together like that! Such great memories in your pictures :)

    Though I'm curious about the casserole story? ha ha ha

  8. That's great that your family (and extended families) are able to get together for the holidays. Seems like the holidays have become so commercialized and have lost their real meaning. Glad to see someone who values the true meaning and purpose!

  9. Looks like so much fun! We miss out on big family get-togethers, since all my family is in Tx. Also after my Pappy died we don't get together as much anymore. :( I miss it. But I'm so glad our immediate families are close!

  10. Thank you all, we are very blessed!! My dad's side of the family was never this close but my Grandpappy and Granny raised us this way and I guess it just sticks with us through the years!!

  11. Oh thanks for sharing Michelle. Makes me feel like I'm part of the family:)

  12. roflmbo! I was giggling at the evil eyes that your Granny was giving you behind your Aunt and Mama. hehe!

    Your family looks wonderful. All I have is my Dad and StepMom and my hubby's family is all deceased, so our holidays are always very quiet and simple.
    Because my hubby was on the road for Thanksgiving we spent it with some friends and had a nice time. It was sure wonderful not to have make the entire meal and just bring some of it to share.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. I bet Christmas will be even more fun for you and your family!