Monday, December 7, 2009

Experimental Photography

My mom and her friends belong to a "singles" group at their church and they had their annual Christmas party this past Saturday...Guess who their photographer for the evening?!?! ME!! My mom called a month or so and asked if I would do it for them basically just donating my time, they did buy me a new memory card for the event so that was great! I was a bit nervous when I asked her what the lighting would be and she said a fire and Christmas lights! I was in a bit of a bind with that because my lens doesn't have a low enough aperture for that..So I ended up purchasing a new lens and I love it!

So I arrived Saturday night to find out that the room also had "can" lighting (you know the kind, recessed into the ceiling) which was not good for me LOL!!! WOW talk about challenging yourself right out of the box! I have not done any "photography" other than family and friends so yeah I was freaking out!! On top of never having done this before there was well over 60 people!! It was pretty tricky but I think I got quite a bit I can use for them....

What a great group of friends they are!!

Don't they all look so sweet!?!?

NOT!!! They are a hard bunch to control LOL!!

I love them all!! They are so great to me~

This is one of my mom's friends whom I just adore!


  1. Great job and you learned some new things too! It is nerve wracking but you did great!

    It looks like a fun loving group...

  2. Great job, girl! Okay, I wanna know what lens you got. I'm looking at the 55m/1.4f for low light stuff.
    Love that last pic, too. :)

  3. Good for you -- taking a challenging situation, being game enough to try, and learning a lot through the process!! You go, girl!

  4. Your shots came out fantastic! What kind of lens did you get?

  5. I am so jealous of your new lens! I really want one, I hate using a flash indoors. Where did you get it? I photographer my cousins wedding reception, it was the first "event" I did. It was really casual and I just took creative license. I think I'm going to start using more of my family as guinea pigs, LOL! I want to do a photo shoot w/Paint Girl, if we can ever find the time. She is really photogenic! ;)

  6. Great pictures sure looks like they had a lot of fun!

  7. LeAnna & TUC~ I purchased a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D & tops out at f/22, it really works AWESOME for the lowlight situations!! My only issue is not being able to zoom while in this type of situation of "candid" party shots it doesn't work all that great unless I am moving constantly around and in between people LOL!! I really wanted something in the 18-55mm but I couldn't find one with an aperture that was good enough for these lowlights...I also have the Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 but I am not real fond of this lens...Actually I would like to get rid of it and get one with VR because I shake to bad and it causes such a blur!!

    PG~ I got it on Ebay from an awesome seller her link is

    She is a great seller, she literally shipped this the very next morning I was SO thrilled LOL!!

  8. Oh and Thanks everyone for the wonderful make me feel good compliments LOL!!

  9. wow you are really knowledgeable about lens info...loved the last pic!

  10. Great pics! What a fun group...your mom looks great and keeping good company!

  11. AWW thanks KK!! I have been researching for some time....:)

    CM&MP~ Thanks!! I will tell her you said so!

  12. Great pics! They all look like teenagers goofing around. So cute!

    You captured it perfectly



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