Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Had a Great Grand Opening & I Got to See 2 Fellow Bloggers!!!

Saturday the 28th was the Grand Opening for my store "The Rhinestone Cowgirls"!! My SIL and I were very excited and my wonderful Mom came to town Friday and stayed to help all day Saturday, she was such a blessing to have there with me!! We opened our doors promptly at 9am and our first 2 visitors were none other than Paula from Broken Y Ranch, and Leslie from Cow Pies & Mud Pies!! I was SO excited to see them!!! Paula and I have met before, we actually knew each other through church friends before I ever found her blog or she found mine and it took us a bit to figure out that we knew one another LOL!!! And I got to see her at a local rodeo over the summer!! Leslie I had not met before, but I tell ya I felt like I had known her for years!!! These gals are such a BLAST to be around, I had so much fun with them in the shop!! We are going to take a little road trip to OKC sometime and I am just thrilled about it!! I have to say one of the funniest things that happened while they were there but I didn't even know it until that evening. My Hubby and son J were running some last minute errands for me so they came in and I hollered at J to come in so I could introduce him to the girls, cause I am just so darn proud of him!!! My DD was not there as she was over hanging out with her cousin. So later that night the Hubby says to me "so were the 2 ladies that were there first this morning your blog friends"? I said "OH yes that was Paula and Leslie" he says "yeah I figured that out as I stood in the other room and you introduced everyone but me"!!! I said "OHHH *really* I did that"?!?! He says "yep, you called for J and asked if DD was with us but never asked me to come in"? I CANNOT believe I did that LOL!!! And the worst part is he came in and helped to take our pictures for us and I still didn't think of it!!! BAD WIFEY!!! SO Leslie and Paula I will make it a point to formally introduce you girls the next time we see you LOL!!!

Leslie & Paula, Such AWESOME ladies!!!!

Leslie, Me, & Paula!

Leslie, Me, Paula, & Jen

So the rest of the day was quite fun, we had a friend travel out to see us, and my SIL's mom came out, my Auntie, my Granny, & my Cousin came out!! And we had some great friends in town that came by. And we met some new people that we hadn't seen before!! So it was a great day, and I am very excited for the future of the store!!!


  1. Congratulations and hope it's a huge success for you. You guys have some great stuff!

  2. Wow! Those pictures turned out great! We did have such a good time. I've already worn my goods too! It was a great day and you two are just dollies!!

  3. So glad you had a great grand opening! When Les comes to OKC we usually meet up and eat lunch, she's a sweet heart! Meeting bloggin' buds is fun stuff. Everybody ought to have the chance! :) Have a great week, girl!

  4. Those pics turned out great! We had such a good time. Tell your poor hubby we are sorry we didn't get to "officially" meet him. I wasn't real sure if that was your husband or Jen's! LOL
    So happy for you gals to have had a good day.
    Take care!

  5. Glad to hear your grand opening turned out well. Has anyone ever told Paula she bears a resemblance to Reba McEntire? Wishing you much success!

  6. Looks like a whole lotta fun!! Glad your grand opening went well!! :)

  7. Congrats... how fun to meet some fellow bloggers! Good luck with that store!

  8. That is so great! Congrats on your grand opening.
    That is so cool you got to meet some bloggers!!