Friday, December 18, 2009

It Must Suck to be That Tiny!!

My son J is 15 yrs old and currently weighs around the 119 mark and he's 5'7 1/2 something around there....J has done everything that he can to try and gain weight but it just doesn't happen!! He is in weight lifting at school, doing power lifting and currently plays Basketball! So the other night when we were at a game J was playing great!! But I noticed people kept saying stuff about his shorts?! I didn't notice I guess because I am used to it?! So they start asking us why he is having problems keeping his bb shorts up, they said he keeps adjusting them so they won't fall down LOL! So I start paying attention to that and finally notice him tell his coach that the string in his shorts won't tighten or stay tied whatever... So he finished the first half and managed to keep his shorts up LOL!! When they came back in after half time I think I about wet my pants in laughter as he walks up like this.....

Yes folks that is tape.....holding.....his.....shorts.....up!!! LOL!!!!

It was classic I tell you, my heart felt great after that!! He really played a great game that night. He scored 13 points had 2 steals and 2 blocks.....oh and 4 fouls LOL!! Ref's weren't that great! Trust me I told them so!! ;p

So here the ref watches as J fights off these kids...No fouls yet?!

But here...Come on!! The one kid on the far side is holding and number 11 has his arm around his face LOL!! Right after this J went up to shoot and you could hear the slaps and no fouls were called!! This is why Basketball is SO hard for me to watch! I get mad when they don't call games fairly!!

Now this here is J's first foul of the night and really he was moving backwards and they collided so I believe it was called as a "push" LOL!!

This is leading up to his first steal of the night!!

And away he goes LOL!!

Fast breaking for a lay up!

Going up....

Up some more.....

And it's GOOD!! Yea!!

Scrapping for that basket again!

This shot they finally called the foul! Basket's good and 2 free throws which he made both :)

Again the shorts *giggles* hehehehe LOL!!

Going up for another 2 points!!!

Again it's good HA!!

2nd 3 pointer for the night!! Love my boy!!


  1. J looks like quite the basketball star! He can really get some air.:)

  2. The shorts are HILARIOUS!!! WAAAYYY too funny! Poor kid!

  3. Oh my, the coach taped his shorts on!! LOL! Didn't seem to phase him though.

  4. Oh how fun I LOVE basketball. Our season just ended last night though, our boys lost the 1/4 finals at State by 7 points. And hey, whatever it takes to keep your shorts on!! haha


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