Monday, December 14, 2009

MIA....And Back!!

Wow I am sure I have said this before but I think I have been way to busy!! I haven't even had time to read what everyone has been up to!! I promise I will though, I always do!

This has just been a busy, busy week!! We had 2 nights of Basketball, dance night, a music program, then of course we rodeo'd all weekend! On top of that we went mobile with our store and set up shop at the rodeo!! That went pretty great, it was alot better than I thought, I was afraid we wouldn't be able to see the runs but it worked out great and we didn't miss a thing!!

Saturday's events for DD went good! She started with the poles and to avoid breaking pattern she had to mow down a pole so she got a 5 second add for that but it's ok.. Barrels she came in great, fast but then she slowed it down a notch and wasn't going full speed....So she tells us she thought she broke the time barrier going around one of the barrels...Silly girl! So she still got somewhere in the 17 seconds...Goats went good stayed tied! Breakaway she has tried now for the 4th time and finally decided to add the extra rope she can have in her grade because they can't rebuild, she did well with getting that when she needed it but no calf :(

Sunday we almost missed her poles run, we decided to arrive a little later because I couldn't set up shop until they were done with dummy roping so we got there a little after 10 am and when I ran in to see where she was in line I figured out she was the next person up!! Well the horse trailer had just been driven way far down at the end of the row so she and daddy take off running. Luckily daddy saddled Pete at home!! The lady at the gate was a bit irritated and said if she wasn't there by the 3rd name call she disqualified but luckily DD was running full blast on Pete up to the arena so she could she her and said "Oh Ok" so DD comes flying into the arena they almost had an issue with that 2nd on the end pole but she managed to get him over just in time and she ran the pattern good, she could have used a little more speed weaving back and less neck and more leg but she got her best time at HYRA on poles with a 28 seconds, which is still a bit slow for her 5th-8th grade age group but her horse is just NOT a pole horse LOL!! So come barrel time she comes out is looking good then all of the sudden Pete stops and rears up then down, spin, rear again before she finally got his attention, since she knew the pattern was broke at this point she just held him back but every barrel turn he would hard look at his side I couldn't figure out what he was doing!! Well then Hubby comes in and says "well that was my fault, I decided to tighten his tie-down tighter because he keeps his head high with it on as it is and apparently I should have waited"....WELL DUH!!! Here's your sign!! Even DD tried to tell him to not do that right before the run LOL! Pete has some type of warm blood or something in him so his neck is naturally curved and rides high...Hubby just needs to learn you can't fight nature LOL!! So the goat tie was great!! Breakaway she didn't have such a good time in, she threw her first rope and it hit his hip and tied around his foot so when she went to grab rope 2 it was tangled somehow and she couldn't get it off :( She was a bit frustrated but that's OK! So all in all it was a good weekend but very tiring!! Oh and cold!!

The 2 video's are from Sunday poles first then barrels and that was exciting LOL!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. Just reading about the games gives me goosebumps!

    This girl will have so many memories of this time in her are such a great family!

  3. You are one busy girl!!
    Watching that barrel racing video freaked me out when Pete reared, DD handled it so well!! She is such a good rider and I loved how she handled it! You go girl!

  4. You are a busy one. I've missed hearing from you, but I know how life can be.