Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Updated Pics of my Favorite 4 Legged Friends!

The Winter season is not my friend...As much as I'd like to be on good terms with her I just can't...She makes my life miserable! EXCEPT for days like today when we were nearing 60*!! WHOO-HOO!!!

While DD was out exercising Krissy tonight I buzzed around and got some updated pics of some of my favorite 4 legged friends! I really LOVE them all! Unfortunately the Hubby and I have decided before to long we are going to sell them off...Again...I did this last year and parted with the ones I could bear to part with and still miss 2 of them dearly! But I finally have to agree with my honey on this, we simply do not have the time to give all of them the attention they need being up and coming riding horses. There are just a couple besides Krissy that I would like to keep but the rest will go bye-bye come Spring I think..

This is H.B. she's kind of new! We bought her about a month ago!

Angel and Rita

Curious Jet

Beautiful Bella!

My most Handsome Stone!

I totally LOL'd at Krissy's face!


  1. They're all so beautiful, I don't know how you can bear to part with any of them (but I did sell my own beastie last year, so I know how it feels). You can always send HB my way, she looks stunning!

  2. You sure do have some lookers. How many total do you have and how many (and which ones) are you parting with?

  3. Beautiful ponies!!! I LOVE that last picture of your DD and Krissy.

  4. Ahhh, it would be so hard to get rid of them, they are all so pretty! Cute pictures of DD & Krissy!

  5. Dad asked me the other day how many more horses I needed and I told him always just one more! LOL! I went from 1 to 6 in a year... Yeah, I know :)

  6. Rita and H.B. are my faves! You could send those two down to KS and I'll love on them for ya! :)

  7. Oh that picture of Jet should be in a frame!!!

    And how funny is that shot of Krissy? hee hee!

  8. love to see the horse pictures - Stone has sure grown....I know how hard it is to make the decision - we did the same with one of our horses a couple years ago and now will do so again this spring. I tell myself though that each one deserves a job!

  9. Leah~ I have 8 total and will part with at least 4 of them :( I'm keeping Krissy of course then hopefully Stone, Rita, and Bubba (whom I didn't end up with a picture of him?! He was running and playing so I'll get one LOL). In all reality the Hubby would like to keep only Krissy but Rita is my broodmare and she's been in bad homes before and I just hate to sell her and her to ever be *scared* again...And Stone is Rita's colt, I just love him and waited for years for one with his markings! But Bubba is really the one that will definitely be a keeper, he is going to be a great riding horse! he'll be broke this Spring then we'll see...

    Kristen~ I'm here in the Heartland with you!! I'll send them right your way ;)

  10. Selling horses is just so hard. Finding the perfect home even harder. I really wish I could just collect them and not worry about such things.

    Nice to see picks of your herd.


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