Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Run!!

Over the past couple of months DD and I have been working our butts off getting her and her horse in sync with one another! She's been running in the Winter Rodeo association that she's runs in every year.

It is so hard this time of year trying to get their practice time in between school and other functions and the stinking sun setting at 5:30!! Slowly but surely we are getting it done! The first couple of rodeo's they were just not doing all that great...She'd pretty much blown all of her pole runs and was consistently pulling 17 seconds on barrels.

So to work harder we went! We've been pretty much flying solo this season as the Hubby and J are working practically every weekend! But it has actually worked out quite nice because we've been the ones working together and so it always causes a wrinkle when Hubby wants to come in and give his *2 cents*! But he finally agreed with me that when he's there he will run my camera for me so I can get her ready to go and still have video!

We've been working on poles quite a bit, mostly because she really needed the most work on this event and I wanted her to learn the *proper* way to run them and by golly she's finally getting it! AND she's having fun with them now!

This past weekend she finally pulled her best barrel time ever! I was so thrilled and so was she! Her eyes just lit up when I told her she'd finally broke through the 15 second barrier! She screamed "REALLY"?!?! I just laughed!! She was so proud of her 15.807 time on that run! And the best part about it is she has so much room for improvement because she wasn't even running Krissy as hard as she should have been! But we have 2 barrel jackpots this weekend so she'll be getting the work in there!!

So here is her run from Sunday! Which I might just throw in here that it was FREEZING cold and snowing that morning LOL!!


  1. Way to go girl. Hope that she has a great season.
    Have a great day.

  2. O.M.Gosh DD has come sooooo far!! Such an amazing improvement in her skills. DD looks so much more confident and relaxed. I am happy for both of you.

  3. Oh yeah - you can tell that it's FREEZING there!

    How much fun is that! I love watching them run!

  4. Please send that little girl to Texas to teach me to ride.

  5. That was a GREAT Ride - And yes she has come a long ways! She looks much more comfortable! Way to go DD and Krissy!

  6. great run! After seeing all the breath come out of Krissy afterwards I guess it was freezing there! Yuck! Way to go guys on getting things together, can't wait to see a pole run, that was always my favorite!

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