Monday, January 31, 2011

Barrel Jackpot Kind of Weekend~!!

I am SO exhausted after these last 4 days!! The Hubby went to El Paso to visit his grandma for her 89th Birthday so the kids and I have been ridin solo since last Thursday!

We were so blessed with FABULOUS weather Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Saturday DD, my momma and I went to a barrel jackpot and I mean to tell you the temperature was around 70*!! Holy COW it was so awesome! DD was so happy to be outside in a short sleeve shirt and not having to be all bundled up! My girl had kind of a mixed day, she faltered in her exhibitions a little so she got nerved and come time for her open run she just did of lolly gagged or something...It wasn't the best run of her life but she did win 1st place in the 2D~!! She was very excited about that, as was I!

Saturdays runs

So Sunday afternoon we headed out to another barrel jackpot but mother nature was NOT our friend today!! BURR it was cold out there!! I think we hovered around 32-34* most of the time we were out there and of course this arena wasn't fully enclosed...Not to fun! So in a nutshell today was just not DD's day. She did her 3 exhibitions and knocked over barrel one the last time in so wouldn't you know when she came in for her open run she was all tensed up coming into barrel one, teeth gritting, stiff back and literally just plowed the barrel over! Not good...Needless to say she's got quite a nice knot in her leg from hitting it so hard. I guess we all have bad days and this one was hers! The lady that owns this arena let DD come back in after the open so she could *rework* barrel one and leave on a good note, so that made me happy enough!

Sundays runs

Start of brushing to close to barrel one

And just plow her down here!

Another busy rodeo weekend next weekend! We've got some terrible weather coming this week so I'm hoping it doesn't interfere with our plans!

Hope everyone has a super BLESSED week!!


  1. Good work, DD! And everybody has days that could be better.

  2. man that's sorta brutal going from 70 to 32 in just a day! I can't wait for spring to finally get here!

  3. It sure looks like she is having fun.
    I can not believe that 70 how nice.
    We went from 40 to below zero over the weekend.
    I am so ready for spring.

  4. I wish we could see some 70's here! I'd love to run around in a t-shirt! That just amazes me how it can be so warm one day, then so cold the next!
    Great picture's of DD and her runs! Everyone is entitled to bad days, but I am sure she will get better and better!!

  5. Awesome pictures! I found you thru Networked Blogs. It's ironic because I'm writing a novel and one of the characters is a barrel racer! Although she is 18 - 28 in the story.
    DD looks great on the horse.

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