Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Looking into the Lives of Other's

So I have thought a lot about writing this post and have finally decided that the truth is the truth and it should be heard, right?! I have always been the type of person that is very "in-touch" with the facts of life and I spend a lot of time looking at adversity's that others are facing as a baseline for how I live my life. Why am I writing about this, and why is this hard for me?...Well let me tell you what I have been watching...

4 months ago one of my life long Best Friend's husband was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer that has also invaded his liver and spleen. At that time he was basically told that he had little chance of survival. He chose to go to a University hospital and do treatments that could or could not help him. After enduring this for a short while he was rescanned and found that the tumors had not responded to the treatments at all. So he was given only one other option by the doctors - and that is surgery. The invasive surgery would involve the removal of his pancreas, spleen, and almost half of his liver. The survival rate for this extensive surgical procedure alone is barely 50%, providing that the surgery is a success, he would eventually need a liver transplant somewhere in the near future with chances of survival no better than the 50%. After hearing this news he did not feel like God was directing him towards that, rather he was directing him in a whole different way. The surgeon that he was seeing told him about a place called Eden Valley Institute in Colorado. This place is a facility that will concentrate on a proven nutritional plan along with supplementation and proven non-invasive therapies. They have researched this place extensively and have found that the survival rate is very high and so this is the route he is choosing to take. So now is the place where I should mention that my friend has been separated from this man for going on 2 years now. It has been very difficult for them both as they have a diabetic son together who requires a lot of special care...

Then another family we are friends with the dad was just diagnosed with Large B-Cell Lymphoma. I asked for prayers in this post here. The diagnosis that he got was not the worst news in the world but yet it is devastating to him I'm sure. Basically he will receive treatments for 18 weeks with an 80% survival rate and a chance of recurrence being the strongest in the first 2-3 years after treatment with a then survival rate of 50%...His family remains in good spirits and I believe God will pull them through all of this.

The last story I want to share with you is difficult to say the least...A family with a 13 year old boy that runs in the same rodeo association as DD had a tragic accident a week ago Saturday. The 13 year old boy took a friend to show him a hunting rifle that he had gotten and there was an accident with another gun that I believe they thought was unloaded and the 13 year old young boy was tragically killed. The moment that I found out it was him, I thought to myself I wished I hadn't ever heard "who" it was...We did not know this family really well but we have watched him rope many a times and I see his face in my head every day, and I think about how devastating this is for his family...

So now why am I telling you all of this sadness? Because I want share with you how I see life. I get SO upset with people who take their lives for granted or their children's lives for granted...Not to say that I myself don't need to be reminded at times because I do. I see my family as the greatest gift on earth!! I cannot imagine my life without them, and I honestly don't get people who cannot put their kids or families first!

For me, I admire anyone who has half the strength as these people and I hope and pray for them everyday...

So do we chose to give into the storms....

Or see the light shining through the clouds?!


  1. Your friends are in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

    Great post and a lovely reminder.

  2. This was such a poignant post, Michelle. I really hate to hear that about your friends, and acquaintances. We'll be praying for their families. As you know, I DO share your end thoughts. I wish people could see past themselves for once and realize that life is short and they should make the most of the time they have with those that are, you know, their flesh and blood - {hugs}

  3. I will pray for your friends and their families.
    We had a friend who lost her nephew to a gun accident also.
    I agree with you and your photos were so fitting.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Lots of prayers will be going out!!! It is so tragic but yes it does remind you to enjoy what you have and not take it for granted as it may not be there tomorrow. I know I am blessed to even be here as the LORD saved me twice from certain death and I try and always remember that and not let life get me so frustrated and forget the important things. We had a guy in town that died of sudden kidney failure saturday and he was only 27 and his wife is due with their second child in 4 weeks. IT all makes you think!!

  5. Our lives can change in a blink of a eye. What a great post Michelle. I think most of us do take things for granted. We expect our wonderful lives will go on forever. I will keep these families in my prayers.

  6. I will keep these families in my thoughts and prayers!!
    My OH has a friend that had stomach cancer, went through all the treatment and thought he was going to recover. My OH just found out yesterday that his cancer has returned and there is nothing they can do. He has been given 2 weeks to 2 months to live. He is only in his early 40's. My OH is going to go see him today.
    In times like these, we need to not take everything for granted.

  7. Very well written. I'm so sorry for all the tragedy going on around you. It must be depressing to see so many people struggling and suffering when your heart is as big as yours.


  8. Sweet Friend,

    We don't give into the storms, we cry out to the calmer of the storms! Lord, My God - I cry out - Your beloved needs you now!