Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Prize Painting!!!

So a few weeks ago one of my very FAVORITE bloggers had a contest!! Becky over at Farmgirl Paints is absolutely one of the sweetest people on earth!! I have yet to meet her in person but I hope someday I get the chance!! SO anyhoo she had this contest "Custom Tree Giveaway", and I entered and WON!! I was so excited!!! When Becky announced the Winner, little ol ME I was just ecstatic!! So my job was to decide what the theme of my tree would be and I chose "Life" and the things that make up my life are my family!! So Becky hand painted my very own "life tree" and boy was I excited when I got it in the mail last week!!! So I wanted to share it with you all!!

I was SO excited to open this pretty package!!!

My Beautiful Life Tree!!

Thanks SO much Becky!!! I absolutely love it! And I have it in my most used room in my house, my Kitchen!!


  1. Lucky you! That's a very cool prize.

  2. That is GREAT! Good Job Farm Girl Paints. I love it. What a wonderful gift of painting that is being shared! So happy you won!

  3. beautiful just beautifu! I'll have to check out her blog =)

  4. Love it - Bet it looks nice in your kitchen. That is a special painting.


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