Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ME?!?! I'm the winner?! Little Ol Me!!

What a great start to my week! Why do you ask?! Last week I entered a "Blogiversary Giveaway over at Farmgirl Paints", with the prize being a customized painting by Becky herself!! The painting is a tree, that I am calling the "Life Tree" because on the tree you customize the "theme" that fit's your life and my life is all about family!! So I am proud to say that I will have hanging in my home a wonderful creation by a FABULOUS woman whom I am so blessed to have met here in "blogosphere", and hopefully someday I can say she is one of my blog girls that I have met face to face...

This is Becky's "Be Tree"! Mine will come custom made!! Of course I will share pictures after it arrives!

If you haven't been over to Farmgirl Paints blog yet your missing out!! So get on over there and tell her hi!! Also if you haven't been there yet Becky has just opened her very own Etsy shop so scurry on and check that out as well!!


  1. Congrats, Michelle! Can't wait to see photos! :)

  2. Can't wait to see your version! Becky is just such a sweet lady!

  3. Congrats to you.
    I can't wait to see the one you get.

  4. That is really cool. Can't wait to see what your version looks like!

  5. Lucky you! I'm sure however you use the tree will be great. So many possibilities. What great blogging friends we all have.

  6. Congratulations! what a great and fun idea! Can't wait to see yours.

  7. That is too funny! It seems like everytime I host a giveaway, I win one too!

    What a great prize - how creative! Can't wait to see the pictures of yours!


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