Monday, November 29, 2010

Living Room Makeover Reveal

Finally, finally I am DONE!! I am so excited with the way my room turned out! So I'm ready to make my big reveal to you all!!

Here's a reminder of the before...

And a little recap of everything I did! New paint on on the walls and ceiling, new carpet, new furniture, new lighting/ceiling fans, new curtains...Basically the only thing that remained the same were most of the wall hangings, TV, and the curtain rods!

And AFTER!!!

My beautiful Wing back Peacock chairs!

LOVE my new ceiling fans!

This chair created my chosen accent colors!

The back of the chairs are an ivory satin with this gold embroidery...So beautiful!!

Probably my favorite accent piece to the room!


  1. I am in love with your wingback chairs!

    And I adore the entire way the room turned out! Just gorgeous and rich!

    Cracks me up that your cat starred in all the pictures! :)

    And I'm laughing because you stole my coffee table! :)

  2. Oh it is so beautiful!!!!!!

    What an amazing job!

    I had considered 'sueding' my living room walls too and then went with the marbled look. I do want to do the sueding on the wall where I am going to put my bookcases. After hearing how much work it is, I am glad I chose a small space to do it in. ;-)

  3. It looks wonderful - great job! I love the "cat" on the couch decoration! :)

  4. fantastic! I bet that was so much fun to shop for! You did a wonderful job

  5. Very nice! Looks so relaxing and comfy.