Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

My goodness it's a busy time of year!! After finally getting my new living room all in order I did get to spend a few nights relaxing watching movies and snuggling under my blanky...Yes I said *blanky*...Yes I have a blanky :) It's soft, I love it!

I have been having some computer problems here and finally decided to buy me a new desktop before my laptop officially crashed! So I invested in my first ever *nice* desktop computer, my last one was a hand me down from my momma that she got right when the internet became mainstream! So yes it was a dinosaur! Haven't used it in a few years but it did get me by for a while. Ever since then I have always owned laptops and have loved my last one that the Hubby bought me almost 2 years ago! It would usually work great *unless* I were to travel with it, or even simply move it from my desk! Real good for a LAPTOP huh! So anyhoo I got me a spiffy HP Slimline with a whole wazoodle of GB!! And wouldn't you know it as soon as I got my new computer all installed and ready to go I set up the other one and it went kaput! Won't load to save my life...Which has been just a bit frustrating beings I wasn't brainy enough to back everything up before I shut it off and was planning on doing that after...

So I had a great photo shoot Thanksgiving weekend and would love to share a few of those pics with you but they are trapped inside my dead laptop :( But on a positive note I had another AWESOME shoot yesterday!

These kids decided that for Christmas for their Momma they would do pictures to give her as a gift! Sweet kids, right?! They were such a blast and kept me laughing the WHOLE time!!

I just absolutely adore McKenna, (she's the dark haired girl) she had a hard time with this *serious* face because it's against her nature LOL!! She just needed to SMILE!!

One of my favorite's!

I loved how the 2 brother's were in step together and their arms were in the same position and then the 2 sister's were in sync as well LOL!!


  1. Wow!!!! Their Mama sure is going to be thrilled with these photos. What a thoughtful thing to do for her. My favorite is the one of them standing in front of the barn. I love how the angled roofline adds a great dgree of interest and sort of frames them, too. Very nice!

    And I like the words you used in this post: wazoodle and blanky. lol! I have a couple of soft blankies, too. When I'm cuddled underneath I feel so warm and comforted.

    Congrats on the new computer. Hope you can dig out the files off the old one.


  2. You are totally gonna make some momma screamingly happy on Christmas! What great terrific pictures!

  3. WOW great kids! Their momma is gonna cry ! absolutely stunning photos!

    great word "wazoodle" .. and don't we all have blankies???

  4. As always, beautiful photos! Need to have you come this way and do my family. ;-)

    Didn't get whether it was your actual laptop that failed or the hard drive. When the cats knocked my laptop off of it's stand and ruined the plug-in, I took it in and the guy showed me how to take my hard-drive out and they have a nifty little device you can plug your hard-drive into to use it like an external hard-drive. All of my pics and info is still on that hard-drive and can be retrieved.