Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Midst Of The Makeover!!

....Part 2....

I literally spent DAYS shopping for things to put in my *new* living room but let me tell ya I am NOT complaining because I am a girl who LOVES her shopping! I basically decided that the only things that would remain in the living room from before is most of my wall pictures and my TV. Other than that pretty much everything was being changed!

I started first with the painting, I did a "brushed suede" on all of the walls in the living room and the stairwell. My living room is 29 x 15 so I knew this would be some work using this textured paint! I had to roll on 2 coats of the paint then after that was good and dry I had to go back and do an "X'ing pattern over the entire surface of the walls...Talk about tiring! I did most of it before my weekend getaway and finished when I got home. Then my next job was painting the ceiling, I thought the walls were hard...well...the ceiling was worse! My ceilings are around 9 ft tall so I had a pretty hard time rolling it on there. I bought an extension for my roller and well I'm sad to say that it didn't last very long before I bent it and it was no longer any help to me! So I drug a chair all around the room to get the job done! The next morning I quickly figured out that my painting was not good enough on the ceiling and I was going to have to do another coat. I should have expected that with as many coats as the walls took but a girl can hope, right?! I decided I could not handle another 4 hours of rolling it on so I would just skip that step and go straight into the "X'ing and do it heavy so it would cover good. Well needless to say it was taking me twice as long and I had a deadline of the next morning because my new carpet was being put in and my new furniture was coming so when it hit close to midnight that night I decided to finish the ceiling off by rolling the rest...UGH!! I was devastated the next morning when I awoke and went into see the ceiling in the daylight to find that the paint was not even and you can see splotches in places...Needs another coat! But nothing I could do about it at this point so it will get done sometime...Maybe...

At one point and time we had talked about ripping out the carpet and maybe going with the original hardwood under the carpet but the Hubby and I both agreed that we wanted carpet in there as that room can get kind of chilly and we just wanted a *homey* feeling. The Hubby and J ripped out the carpet the night before the new carpet was installed and we were SHOCKED at what we found under the carpet! There were patches in the floor where there had been half walls and patches for damaged spots so we were really thankful we'd chosen the route of carpet! I was also shocked to find out that the carpet that we were ripping out was date stamped on the back 1992!! That ugly carpet was 18 years old! HOLY COW!!! The pad that was under the carpet was leaving this disgusting sticky stuff all over the floor, you know those black spongy spots in the pad?! Well it had turned into some kind of gooey stuff! EWW!!

Finally the carpet was out, the walls were done and I was ready to get the new in! We'd scheduled the carpet to be installed in the morning and the furniture to come in the afternoon and I'll be darned if it didn't freaking rain and even SNOW most of the day! Luckily the snow wasn't sticking but I was sure praying that furniture truck would make it down our road! And it sure did! Unfortunately they could not get down our driveway because of our Cedar trees so they had to back about 1/4 of the way down and carry it ALL the way to the house! Which is a pretty good distance!

We finally got that all in and set up where we wanted and our next task was putting in the additional entertainment center and sofa table we bought. Then we put in all of the new pretty's that I bought! I was chomping at the bit for the Hubby to get my new ceiling fans in but that took a couple of days beings DD had rodeo for 2 days during this time! Finally the fans are in and everything is done EXCEPT for the last addition of a little table I am envisioning to put between 2 chairs I have in the *back* half of the room! Once I get that in I will be ready for the big reveal!

My *Brushed Suede* walls!!

I have had a ton of fun redoing this room and I am SO very thrilled with the results! I just LOVE sitting in there being amazed that this is even the same room LOL!!


  1. Just beautiful. You are way more motivated than I am. Must admit, I'd have gone with the hardwood and one or two cool area rugs. I'm a sucker for wood floors.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Goodness, what a lot of hard work, it looks like a pretty big room, too. Can't wait to see the end result.

  3. Ohhh lots of work - but beautiful - I love the suede paint and have looked at it several times....

  4. I like that paint! I've been looking for something new to do to my walls in the living room but just not sure I want to put that much work into it! lol

  5. Makes me want to re-do my living room! I can't wait to see the final pictures.

  6. I sure can not wait for the final pictures!!!
    It sure does sound like you did a lot of hard work so I am sure it is going to be well worth.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

  7. Oh, I can't wait to see the results!! Isn't it awesome to redo a room. Makes you feel like you're in a whole new house. But golly, it's a lot of work!

  8. Oh you DIDN'T... tell me you didn't just leave us hanging for the second time in a row???

    I LOVE your new wall color - just WOW! The textured look is perfect and it looks so rich!

    Now I just want to see the reveal pictures... (stinker!) :)

  9. Yes it has been a TON of work but the reward is SO worth it!!!

    Rach~ Oh YES I did it *giggles*!!! If it makes you feel any better only my family and a couple of friends have seen the end result so far :)

  10. Looking good! I admire your ambition. 1992? Thats still new to me!

  11. Looks really good! I like it a lot. :) Oh my....we just got new carpet in most of our upstairs...what a nightmare...moving furniture around and having it packed into rooms. We finally got the carpet installed but I am still moving stuff back to the rooms.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great. Stop by and check out my swap...would love for you to join in.

  12. Girl, I just love that floor. You did an awesome job. I also am quite smitten with that wall treatment, I know it was allot of work but the results are fantastic.

    I hope you and your fam had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving and that you enjoy your weekend sweetie!!!