Monday, November 22, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover~ My Edition....Part 1

SO a couple of weeks ago I must have gone crazy for a few minutes and concocted this plan to *redo* my living room! I'm not even really sure what I started out wanting and how I got to where I am now LOL!!

When we bought this house 4 years ago it came it ghastly white walls and the most hideous baby blue carpet I have EVER seen! Well I fixed the wall problems with paint of course! I chose a color called "Gold Coin" which is really just glorified mustard in my opinion. But I loved it and went with it. I have always liked the color in my living room but then one day I just didn't!

I think...(remember I'm drawing a blank here on the series of events that happened in this house)...I told the Hubby I was thinking of redoing the room meaning like repainting...Then all of the sudden I started fantasizing about new furniture and new carpet and new lighting and new this and new that etc etc etc forever and ever, Amen!

And yes I did have 2 sets of furniture in my living room before...See I bought the tan set thinking I would replace the green with this but then when I got it home it was absolutely uncomfortable and WAY to shallow of seats! I am so spoiled with my green DEEP seated couches! So then my "living room/family room" was created!!

I of course picked out the color that I wanted to paint the room and decided on a special paint with a texture to create the look of *brushed suede*, a brown color on the walls and a sandstone on the ceiling. Then we headed out furniture shopping, we looked at a few different stores before we found the set that the Hubby really loved and I liked it too! Then we headed over to the carpet store and picked out carpet and pad, it was easy enough because I already I had an idea of what I wanted so it took me all of 5 minutes to find JUST what I wanted!! Then I went on to finish up some other shopping while the Hubby had to go to work that day, my goal was new lighting. We had picked out the ceiling fans we wanted so all's I had to do was go back and buy them, good thing I went that day because I needed 2 and they had 2 left!

So I spent a few days painting, painting, and more painting....I was hurting! It was so painful for me to do all of this painting and everytime I do it I say I'll never do it again?! LOL!! Luckily our 13th Wedding Anniversary was coming up on November 15, so the Hubby decided to take me on a weekend getaway and I got me 2 1/2 days of rest before I was back to work!!

The Ugliest Ceiling Fans EVER~!!!

So that was the preview of my room BEFORE....


  1. And when you're done with that painting, c'mon down. Do I have a project for you LOL!

  2. way to leave us hanging! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. What a nice big living room!

    Oh no you didn't... you just left us hanging wih no "after" pictures??? unfair! hee hee!

  4. Ah, can't wait to see the after! And I love your front door.

  5. Belated Happy Anniversary by the way. I hope to see what you have done.
    I know what you mean about painting making you sore. I was that way after redoing our 2 bedrooms, but in the end I decided it was worth it.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  6. I am anxious to see what you did..... I love the double couch look!

  7. Oh baby could I ever use ya here at the Ponderosa!!! What a wonderful transformation you've made there. I adore the colors ya used.

    Here's sendin' ya'll a happy belated Anniversary.

    God bless and ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving topped of with loads of pie!!! :o)