Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Because I Need To Say It...

This was a very strange evening for me and as I am sitting here the only thing that makes sense to me is to share it with you! I must just say, that I believe for me I have truly the best man in the world! I cannot imagine my life without him and I am so very thankful everyday that he is my life partner and best friend!

Tonight was a very typical night, DD had gymnastics and dance. One of her BFF's came home from school with her today to stay over tonight (YES on a school night)! Her mama is out of town and her daddy works in the fields from the early hours of the morning and the girls have to be at the school bright and early to leave on a Stuco trip as they are the 6th grade reps for their school. So the Hubby will take them bright and early and send them on their way!

Our evening at the studio was fun as usual with all of us mom's chatting and laughing at each other while watching our beautiful daughters! Then when we arrived home I turned into the drive and DD's friend M shouted "they're out"!! I immediately stopped my truck and then she said "well I thought I saw one"! She was referring to the 2 puppies we have left and she was right! Just as she shouted that and I stopped the deaf puppy had run under my truck! I was so very thankful that she seen this because she likely would have been run over! I never even seen her :( The puppies had been outside in a pen and somehow knocked it over and were roaming free! We are very lucky nothing happened to them especially with DD's horse only a few feet away! But the Hubby watched her last week when he was out feeding one morning, the deaf puppy had apparently followed him and he didn't know it and after he dumped Krissy's feed she started making this grunting noise and when he turned back he realized that the deaf puppy was underneath her standing by her foot! Of course the Hubby hollered for the puppy out of instinct then realized *duh* she can't hear me! He said he was truly amazed at Krissy because she just watched him intently and made that noise while he got the puppy's attention then got her out of there. Krissy never budged an inch! Man I LOVE that horse!!

But back to tonight, the girls got the puppies put back where they belong and I rushed in to start cooking dinner. I was making bierocks and hashbrown casserole so I knew it was going to take a little bit of time and I wanted to hurry so I did! I got the hashbrown casserole prepped and in the oven, then got the meat cooked and cabbage cooked and then stuffed the dough and made the bierocks. Hubby got home just as I was finishing up and I was not feeling well! My hands were shaking violently and I felt nauseous and just really not right...The Hubby went to feed the horses then when he came back in he asked me if I was ok? I showed him my hands that were shaking violently and he said yes I noticed that that's why I asked. He then asked if my blood pressure was up and I said yes I kind of feel like it is. See when I went in for my *pre* surgery checkup they noted that I have high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat but didn't say anything to me about it. I mean I know my heartbeat is irregular, like at a resting time it will beat around 105-110 beats per minute and gets higher than that when I do things, I also have palpitations frequently but I've had it forever so I just have never mentioned it to my Dr. The high blood pressure thing I have suspected at times because I get these feelings that remind me of when I was pregnant with DD and had severe toxemia with a top out blood pressure of 206/160, I was near stroke and could feel it. I obviously know it has not been that high ever again but I do feel it sometimes. My dad suffered from high blood pressure my whole life.

So I was trying to get the dishes washed up (because I refuse to have messy counters and dirty dishes) :) Even if I'm not feeling well and the Hubby very sternly told me to take my butt to the chair and he did everything for me and he's the one that just spent his entire day working very hard...To me, that just says it all...Having a man like that I feel so very blessed! He talked to me and helped me to get my pressure down, I have NO idea why it hit me like that but I feel tons better now!

So I thought I should just share with you why I feel so blessed tonight...I LOVE this man!!!


  1. You have a rare and wonderful jewel there and you recognize and appreciate him; good karma for all of you. I hope you feel better-please watch your BP, for personal reasons I worry about women with issues in that area and you are on my list of women..... I adore your kids too.

  2. Please take care of yourself!! A dear friend of mine had a stroke and is now totally dependent on her husband for everything. I found out yesterday (stroke was almost 2 years ago) that she had been taking some popular diet pill that spiked her BP and that's what caused it.

    And yes, you do have a keeper hubby!

  3. Take it easy, BP isn't something to mess around with... Sounds like the hubby's taking good care of you though :)

  4. A great post Michelle. You can feel all the love your family has. You get your butt back into that doctors office and have then get you regulated. Women and heart problems is a big problem here in our country. Please do that for yourself and family. Praying for you, take care, jo

  5. Yup--sounds like you have a good man {me too} :)

    I have heard many women have palpitations...espcially entering into their 40's and 50's...a hormonal thing.

    Hope you are feeling better...take care. :)
    Come over and visit soon.

  6. Aww! You do have a great hubby!! There needs to be more men out there like him!
    I hope you are feeling better and please take care of yourself!!

  7. Awwww, for the love of a great Hubby, ya are blessed girl!!! Take care, ya'll might want to get it checked out, could be a hormone thing but better to be safe than the alternative sweetie.

    God bless and have a beautiful day!!!

  8. I'm thankful that you are feelin' better! And it is nice to have a good man and to read about somebody else who is so in love with their man. My husband is my best friend as well. And yeah, I'd get yourself checked out just to be safe! ;)

  9. Awww! I am so glad he took care of you! I hope you are fully recovered from whatever was happening... please take care of yourself!

  10. What a GOOD man :)
    You need to take care of yourself...prayers for ya!!

  11. michelle, i am praying for you!!! it scared me when you said your hands were shaking...yes, you are blessed with a wonderful soul mate and i am glad he was there to help...that poor little puppy! so glad nothing happened to its heart! btw, bayer is now promoting aspirin that melts under the tongue and reacts quicker than when it is ingested. you might want to keep some on you....

  12. Glad you have a loving Hubby to watch after you! Mine lacks in that area unfortunately.