Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coconut Chicken...You Won't Be Sorry!!

So this is the first time I have ever posted a recipe on my blog...SO here goes!! I am really more of a chicken lover than any other kind of meat and quite frankly I get so tired of always cooking with beef or pork because that's what my freezers are full of! So last week I decided to try this Coconut Chicken! This was a recipe I found online and tweaked it a bit to make it faster and more convenient to make.

My family *likes* chicken but not anywhere near as much as I do! When I made this for the family I also made an italian chicken because I was sure DD would be thrown off by the coconut and the Hubby well he has texture issues...Yep texture...Coconut is one of those that falls under the No-No category in textured food. Also the Hubby is a bit allergic to it, everytime I have *tricked* him in the past into eating or drinking something with coconut in it his throat will kind of swell and itch. BUT I did forget about this little inconvenience when I prepared dinner that night. I told him what I was making and that I knew he wouldn't eat it so I was making him and DD the other kind. But then after my first batch came up and I tried it and died and went to Heaven I told him he MUST try a bite! SO after I *shoved* umm I mean nicely fed him a bite he said "hmm yeah not bad...but I hope my throat doesn't swell in a minute"....OOPS...I only giggled a little after he said it....After I had the rest of dinner prepared I dished out DD and daddy the same chicken and J and I the GOOD stuff and then I look over and notice that the Hubby has added a *small* piece of the good stuff on his plate and I smirked just a bit ;)

J really liked the chicken and I of course LOVED it...Every yummy bite of it...Then the Hubby went back in to get his seconds only this time coming out with only the *good* stuff on his plate! And he sheepishly stated "that's some GOOD chicken"!! YES!! So then I got a little scared cause what if he ate it all?!?! I'm gonna fill you in on a little secret here...I don't eat leftovers...Nope. Sure don't. Because I don't like em. BUT with this I was planning on eating leftovers, yes sirree I was!! Luckily there was 2 pieces left and I had lunch for 2 days! YAY me!!

Okay, okay so here's the recipe!

Coconut Chicken

8 chicken cutlets, slightly pounded
Salt & Pepper
1 C flour
2 eggs
1 C Panko bread crumbs
1 cup sweetened coconut
Extra virgin olive oil

Pour a thin layer of olive oil into your pan (eyeball it, enough to get a good fry). Turn it on to a little over medium heat.

Take a cooling rack and put it on a cookie sheet and preheat the oven to 250*, you will put the finished chicken on the rack in the oven to keep it warm and crisp while you cook the remaining chicken. 

Get 3 shallow dishes, in the first one put your 1 C of flour, in the second one beat your 2 eggs with a splash of water, in the third one mix your bread crumbs and coconut together.

Take your trimmed and slightly pounded Chicken strips and salt and pepper both sides then coat in the flour first, then egg, then lastly the bread crumb and coconut mixture.

Then you need to check and make sure your oil is *frying* hot and fry on each side 3-4 minutes until it is a deep golden color.

Eat and enjoy! And NO I did not devour 3 or more pieces of chicken tonight after I made it just to share with ya'll!!


  1. This version of chicken minus the coconut is a staple in the house where I have worked for eight years. We call it Whack-a-Chicken !~! The littles have been helping dredge and dip since they were tall enough to stand carefully on a chair and see over the counter.

  2. I could have made that GONE myself. Looks delish.

  3. Oooh, I like this recipe! I'll have to give it a try. I wonder if you could bake it in the oven? I'll have to test it out. ;)

  4. It sure does look good but I would be the only one in my house to eat it. Hubs don't like coconut at all.
    I roll mine in Hidden Valley Ranch,and then fry till crispy.
    happy things are going better for J.

  5. Man, does that look good. I'm glad you decided to share this recipe. I think you did a great one for your first. Gonna have to try this.