Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gotta LOVE It!!

Is anybody else ready for football season?! I am SO ready!!! More for high school football but I love big kid football too ;) J will be playing for his 3rd year at his high school, he's a JUNIOR this year OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Kind of makes me sad....Oh anyhoo....Last year he was the only sophomore starting varsity and that was a big deal for him! Let's just say that my boy is small...Well he's 5'8 and 125 lbs so he's pretty much outweighed by everyone in the league! But he is awesome at football! He plays WR and Cornerback. Last year he kind of got jipped out of his varsity letter and I was extremely ticked!! J is very active in FFA and he attended the national FFA convention and missed a game so after that his coach was ticked because he "chose" FFA over football and well basically didn't let him start the rest of the season. He still played Varsity but coach would throw him in after the start and you have to play a certain amount of quarters to letter, I think he ended up 1 short by those guidelines. We had so many parents talk to us about this and even school staff that didn't think this was fair as J also had played in a summer passing league representing the school and that should have counted towards his letter, but well the coach got what he wanted...And then...After some other *things* that the coach wanted by not recognizing other well deserving kids for all league awards etc. he lost his job. YEP...They forced him to resign! J truly was sad about this because as a teacher and coach before all of this J really loved him!

So since then we now have a new head coach and new assistant coach and well the team's spirit is renewed! Actually the whole county's spirit for our school has been renewed! This new coach comes with a lot of experience and has already in the few short months that he has been with our school brought so many ideas for us to use in many areas outside of football! I am the president of our booster club at the high school and he comes to us with ideas to raise funds for the school, really great ideas that have been a HUGE hit! So we are very thankful to have him join our school!

So with his new arrival is a whole revamp of the team! J is starting Varsity again this year and I am so excited for him! Our school has been recognized by local sports magazines and media outlets as "the school to watch out for this season"!! What a compliment for our boys! They held their annual scrimmage game last Friday and will have their first game this Friday and we are SO very excited!!! The scrimmage game went good! Of course the coach had a million complaints, but that's his job! To show them what needs fixing! So here's to a great football season for all!

That's mine #22~!!

I missed the catch but got the run!!!

Not the greatest picture but that smile is worth more than money can buy~!!!

Okay I am just throwing this in here....It has taken me 2 DAYS!!! to get this posted! Thank you SO much Blogger for these ridiculous changes! UGHH!!!


  1. Whew thought it was just me and blogger that was having issues!!

    High school football marks the end of another summer... which makes me sad... Good luck to J this year!

  2. Whoo-hoo! Love all the action shots, but have to say that the last one is my favorite! Love how much he enjoys it :)

    And girlie... start using Windows Live Writer - you don't have the hassles of Blogger, but it posts right to Blogger. You can totally mess with the pictures and don't have to have them uploaded to Picasa or anything. It's a great free program and I'm a believer after wanting to throttle Blogger sometimes, LOL.

    Back to football... have a great season!

  3. Our lazy, nonathletic son announced one day in his junior year that he wanted to play football, more because of the chick magnet factor than anything else. He never even played touch football, for heaven's sake! I told him to stand at the end of the hall, Mr. Fry and I would run at him as fast and hard as we could, knock him down, and pile on top of him, and if he liked it and let us do it again, then he could play football. Not another word was said.


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