Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seriously....Man-Child Amoung Us!

Sometimes I wonder if my Hubby will ever reach an age that he doesn't feel the need to act like a complete and udder child!! The 4th of July is probably his favorite time of year! I mean I'd like to tell ya it's because we have this great party and he loves the company but I think he'd be just as happy all alone playing with the fireworks! ~Said people for the party are the perks!

So needless to say I am not the least bit surprised when he comes home from work Friday afternoon with this....

Then of course we spent the night of the 4th shooting these amazing fireworks off! I'll share those pretties later! But we battled some pretty horrific rain storms this weekend so the rain spent us packing late Sunday night leaving a box of fireworks left for Hubby to play with later!

And this is how we play...

Did I mention that the torch is his Best Friend!

So we start off small...Just putting them in ant holes!



If the look on my nephew Lil Cowboy's face doesn't say it all here?!

HA HA HA! He loving this!

Now we move up to big toys!

They aren't a bit frightened are they?!

I am thankful to report that no injury's were endured during this *playtime*!!


  1. I'm just not much of a fan anymore. One time I took my kid to see fireworks out in the desert and someone threw one that came thru the sunroof of my car. That pretty much did it for me.

  2. I'm not entirely sure I understand why boys (read men) must blow up things on the 4th of July (or any other time that we let them).

    Bet the party was fun!

  3. Hey, I can relate to your husband! I must have been a pyromaniac at sometime! Fun!!!

  4. I guess boys will be boys.
    My MIL always said,that boys never really grow up, just the size of the toys change. I see that with my 4 guys.
    Sounds like you had a great time.

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