Thursday, July 1, 2010

Really...Does It EVER End?!

It seems like lately things just can't go right for J...This kid has had a tough time when it comes to vehicles!! When he first started driving 2 years ago with his farm permit we had a 1980 GMC pickup for him but before he started his Sophomore year we decided he would get to start driving himself to school as he always has crazy practice schedules with his sports! So we sold the GMC because it needed a bit of work, nothing serious but like the blinkers didn't work so it needed a new steering column and the Hubby just thought it wasn't dependable as it was so old! So we bought him a 1994 Suburban, I know...a bit big for a kid BUT I want SAFETY for my kiddos when they are out there on these country roads!! The "Burb" had a bad engine when we bought it so the Hubby replaced it with an engine he bought from some guy he knows that owns an auto shop.

So J drove the "Burb" most of the school year then randomly one day it broke down...Lost all oil pressure and spun a bearing :( So the engine was toast! So then the Hubby decided he didn't want to mess with putting another engine in it, nor did he have the time so he bought J this 1989 Chevy.

I know we went backwards a few years but the Hubby insisted! To be completely honest I was against buying this truck as it would have been cheaper to just put an engine in the "Burb". BUT you know how Hubby's can be! He was very adamant that this was a good idea because this truck had been completely rebuilt by a friend of his about 2 years ago. It had a super solid engine and hadn't been driven much since it was built because the guy had bought himself a different truck. So of course he bought it and I won't even go on to tell you how many things we've had to replace on this truck. BUT not engine things, like brakes, axles, exhaust...Hubby says "well this stuff is all acceptable because I knew it hadn't been done"...WHAT?! Oh my goodness!! So a little over a week ago J and the Hubby replaced the compressor for the AC and the next day J calls while he was on his way to weights and says the truck is acting funny! So Hubby asks if all of the gauges are showing normal and J says yes they are, so they decided it must be something tied into the AC. Well they were wrong...J calls soon after and says "I'm broke down on the side of the road" AGHH!!!! So we rush to get there and lo and behold there is oil and antifreeze/water all over the ground! YEP threw a rod through the block. Engine D.E.A.D~!!! I was so stinkin furious! We paid a bit of money for this truck and now we have to buy a new engine! I just wanted to cry! Just to clarify, J is a very good driver he is not "hot rodding" or anything like that. We have had comments made that he must cause this, well both instances there was nothing one could have done to prevent it!

So for now he has to drive our business service van while we get the engine done. So it's been kind of an ongoing joke that J might call anytime and say that the engines toast.. Probably not a good joke because the call this morning to the Hubby before 6 am was "umm dad I just hit a deer"!! REALLY?! WHY OH WHY?! Thank GOD he was not hurt in anyway shape or form and I am so proud of him because he did not swerve! We have always taught him to just hit *whatever* if it jumps out in front of you because you are likely to lose control and roll if you slam on the brakes and swerve! It was shortly before 6 am, he was headed to weights driving down our dirt road about 2 miles from the house. The van is not terrible but it will need a new fender and grill. He currently cannot open the passenger door because of the fender damage.

Sorry but the birds had already stolen the doe's eyes and tongue!

Hair in the wheel were it hit!

Hubby getting it off the road before someone hits it

PLEASE OH PLEASE can we have a break soon!!


  1. Oh no!! That is so terrible for J! That poor kid! He needs a break very, very soon!! I am so glad he didn't get hurt when he hit the deer!

  2. Wow Poor J! I hope his luck turns when it comes to vehicles!

  3. Man, J is having a horrible time with vehicles. He may decide he don't want to drive!

  4. UGH! I've tried to leave a comment three times now... hope this works!

    I am so glad J was safe!

    And car (truck) trouble is so frustrating!!!

  5. I am so glad that J is ok. I worry about the deer jumping out in front of me all the time.
    Yes, I would say you need break
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Glad he's OK. Hitting a dear is no small deal. It can trash your car. Good advice to just go ahead and hit whatever it is.