Monday, July 19, 2010

If There Is A Bull Running Rampant....I Didn't Do It!

Somehow the Hubby always manages to get us into some different situations! Saturday was spent chasing a bull out of a herd of steers *no, no innocent cows were violated* that he wasn't supposed to be with! This bull belongs to a friend of ours who has recently sold off his herd and has this lone bull left. He turned this bull out on some acreage with a pasture horse but he wasn't happy in the presence of outsiders so he jumped ship to the next pasture!

SO the Hubby gets himself into this deal to go pick up this bull for our friend (while the friend is on vacation?!) and deliver it to a city about an hour away from us. So after a not to much trouble Sunday morning the Hubby and his brother get this bull loaded and we head to deliver it to it's temporary home. Now mind you I find out while on our way to deliver that the man who will be borrowing the bull is too on vacation...Again WTH?!?!

We find the property as it was described to us as "the farm in the middle of the city...The one with cows...Across from the High School"!! Oh yes that's right, we arrived to find this property that yes has some cows and yes is in the middle of the city...With not so good fencing! And across from one of the city high school's!! OH BROTHER!! I had a flash of the nightly news about a rampant bull ravaging the city LOL!!! But so far no news! So now news is good news...Right?!

He is on the hunt for the *girls*...

He picked one fairly quickly!

This poor girl was running for her life ;)

And there is the high school!


  1. That fence doesn't look too good if he sets his mind to go walkabout. Poor cows. Life will never be the same.

  2. Hahaha! Those Hubbys are always getting themselves (and us) in situations, huh? So adventuresome they are...ahem...

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I just won 1st place in my second fiddle contest this past saturday. If you want to see pictures and more details you can read my blog in about 3 hours.

  4. Hahahahaha!!!!!!! Oh My what a mess that was...

  5. Wow, bull in the middle of town across from a school!! I sure hope he has better luck than we did!

  6. oh no way! how do guys get roped into these things! Just remember - do not let Mr. Daddy near it with a burdizzo! He did a True Story Tuesday about that awhile back, LOL!

  7. I would be running for my life too.LOL
    Hubbies sure can get into some lovely things.
    Thanks for sharing your day.

  8. The school looks rather new. Probably a case of the city moving into the country. And then they wonder why a bull is in their front yard....hello?!

    Hopefully with all those pretty bovine ladies, the bull will stay put.

    What a fun adventure. lol!



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