Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it ok to sell my kid??

So today was an average day of doing chores and waiting for the family to get home. Tried to work on the website again, still roadblocks...However at last check with my SIL she is making pretty good headway now!! Very exciting!!

My main thoughts for the day are thank God we live in a small community and it's OK to sell our kids!! How do you feel about paying oh say $100.00 for a kid, well that's how much I sold mine for!! OK not really selling them just auctioning them off for 8 hours of work to the highest bidder...J's FFA Chapter held their annual "FFA Work Auction" tonight. Every member of FFA participates in this and it is a great way for them to earn money for the trips and contests they go to. Plus it is a great community activity, alot of the local farmers old and young come out and get them some pretty cheap labor. Well that also depends on who's bidding and who's running the bids up LOL!! Oh and they also must feed the child at the lunch hour, it is a requirement. But what a great time for all to be had!! J had a great time and is really happy that the bank bought him, oh and he got to wear a shirt he was very proud of LOL!! White t-shirt with all of the Senior Officers hand prints :)

On a more serious note I am feeling a little bit of nervousness regarding the next few days. J leaves at 7 am in the morning to head to a Bull Riding Clinic, that is taught by 2 PBR Champions. Now they do start out on a mechanical bull, then up to a light weight steer, and finally a "real bull". I am not attending this trip, Hubby and J are going while DD and I have a girls weekend!! So I am really hoping and praying that this is not some big colossal mistake on my part....They will be recording the rides but if he doesn't get to bring that home then I will drive there on Sunday to get some pics and video..

Not much for DD today, she had a great day and was thrilled to hang with a couple of her friends tonight at the auction. I'm sure she will have much to say this weekend while the boys are out!!

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