Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Exciting day today

OK so I am giving this blogging a try....I have decided to embark on a great adventure with my sister-in-law, we are planning a wonderful business!! We Have lots to do, but can't spill the beans just yet... Today was the last game of a brutal season in basketball. J has played for his coach for 2 years and has had a heck of a time with him, it's the oh so common problem of a coach with a big head and no brain..But we have ended the season with only a broken nose!! Next week we start Baseball, not sure how this will work considering J has never played LOL!! But he's willing to try.

DD is my girl, she is 10 years old and thinks she rules the world LOL!! 4th grade has been so great for us, so much less catfights but so much more attitude!! She is a complete social butterfly and every sentence ends with "yeah" which she picked up from her best friend, isn't it amazing how that happens..


  1. Okay I get to be the first to leave a comment. He really is going to play baseball?

  2. Oh yes he is playing. Practice starts next Monday...