Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update 5,386,209 on Krissy of Course!

Sooo yeah...Another relapse...SIGHS...Seriously I am just tired! So tired of this not working! Monday evening we pulled her out for her evening treatment and I got her eye-drops in then the Hubby says "uhh she's got granules in her eye"...Yep sure enough there they were 3 very large granules that I could see in her left eye and a couple in her right eye.

So I immediately called my Vet who I now have on speed dial directly to his cell phone! Such great service I tell ya! His words "DAG GONE IT!! You gotta be kidding me"?! Nope Doc I'm not, wish I was but I'm not! So he said shoot her with 5ccs of Dex, flush heavily with saline, put in ointment, and worm her again with the ivermectin. Then he said give her 5ccs of Dex again Tuesday and do the other treatment 2 x day.

So we have been strictly following orders (again) and have managed to be pretty much swelling free so that is good. He thinks this is just residual Habronema and hopefully it will subside. If anything changes she will be going back, but I really don't want to have to do that! I just got my $805.00 bill from the last 12 days she spent there! OH PLEASE OH PLEASE no more!!!

Thanks all for the many prayers!


  1. My gracious, I hope this situation calms down for you all soon. Sending good thoughts for the horse and you humans too.

  2. wow !!!! parasite... WOW again!!! Hopefully this last treatment gets rid of them!

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry! That stinks! hopefully she will be rid of it for good soon!

  4. Ugh! My mare has a swelling on the top of her head for about a week now and I'm thinking the same thing... "noooo!!" Hope yours get to doing better!

  5. It's a very tough thing to get cleared up.

    Actually, I'm quite surprised the vet bill is that low...even for KS, that seems very reasonable for 12 days of private care.

    I know...It's still a lot of $$$ to have to come up with, especially since she is not yet cured. I hope this last round fixes her up.

  6. *gasp* *choke* That's $100 shy of what I paid for my Apache mare! You could almost buy a new horse for that amount of money. gah!
    When will there be affordable health insurance for livestock? It's about time.
    So many people have to give up on their animals when the bills get that high because they have to choose between taking care of their human family over their animal family. It's not fair at all!

    Poor Krissy! Poor DD! And poor you and your hubby, too!
    Here's hoping that your sweet mare is healed sooner than later!


  7. I am so sorry! I hope this treatment works for good this time!! Poor Krissy!

  8. Thank you all! I am hoping to get her healed soon and pray that we never have this issue again!

    BEC~ Yes I too was surprised that it wasn't more than that since the day we had to go in on a Sunday for *emergency care* it was nearly $200...But I think the Doc has a kind spot for us now LOL!!

    Lisa~ You crack me up! Yes that is true! But we paid quite a bit for her so this is keeping up with our investment ;) LOL!!

  9. You poor things, I do hope this gets sorted soon.


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