Wednesday, August 18, 2010

12 Days in Equine Lock Down

A couple of weeks ago I posted about our trip to Gainsville and Krissy having some kind of infection pop up in her eyes. We took her in on Friday August 6th and finally 12 days later we were able to bring her home today. It has been a super stressful time and I am thankful that she is doing better now.

As much as I wish I could say that we know exactly what's been going on with her, I can't. She has baffled all of the Equine specialists at the hospital. The best answer they have come up with is that it was a parasite in her eyes, there is a specific name and of course I cannot think of it now. But basically fly's layed eggs in her eyes and from there an infection formed like something they have never seen. She has had abrasions on both cornea's, bite marks in both eyelids, ulcers in her eyes, and abscesses that had to be drained on her bottom lids. Really truly my girl has gone through Hell! She was kept in a fly free safety zone while at the hospital until a couple of days ago when the Dr started letting her out for a few hours each morning. He had intended on putting her on a daily dewormer but later changed his mind as he felt like she was losing weight and he didn't want to exacerbate that issue.

So she is home now with instructions for daily eyedrops and ointment, but with no stopping date right now. He just doesn't know when it will be safe to take her off of them. We will start with everyday for a week then every other day and see if she can handle that. If not she will have to be re-evaluated for further decisions and of course if any of her symptoms return I am to call Dr ASAP.

Can I just say here that there is no words to describe how much this Dr has done for her. He literally treated Krissy like she was his own special horse. He spent time with her everyday treating her and evaluating her and calling me constantly with updates. Matter of fact when we picked her up today he asked the staff to keep us there until he got back so he could make sure and speak directly to us about everything that has happened and should happen. I am blessed to have such a great Equine Vet available! Oh and his last instructions were to get DD back on her and barrel race away LOL!!

Thank you all for your prayers for Krissy! Please keep her in them as she will need them!!

Just one more note today. I would just like to ask everyone to say a prayer for me. I'm having a really rough time right now and I just can't seem to snap out of it. I was scheduled to have my disc replacement surgery next Wednesday and I received a phone call Monday afternoon that my insurance company has denied the surgery because it's "investigational" whatever that means! I called the insurance company to find out why and was informed that a "medical director" made that decision and NO I can't speak with him as it is against the rules. I was told that he received the request on August 6th and made this decision about my life in a matter of days! What the heck?! How can someone take 3 years of my pain and decide my future?! My family and I carry 2 insurance policy's because we want to be well covered and so far that hasn't benefited us a bit! They are constantly fighting over who pays what and neither pays anything! I'm SO very sick of every kind of insurance company that exists!! So there is my pity party that's not likely to go away anytime soon...


  1. We (that'd be all us people with Bodies!) are not interested in having Insurance; it is CARE we want. I am sorry you are in pain with something that can be fixed and the booger-heads won't let it happen.

  2. I work for an insurance company — we don't provide major medical — and my suggestion is to be a squeaky wheel. Keep at it. Get as much documentation, 2nd. 3rd, 4th opinions, alternate treatments, whatever you can. If you have enough evidence and still can't get the care you need, take your complaint public. The last thing they want is bad press.

    Prayers for you and continued prayers for Krissy.

  3. Glad Krissy is better but hate that about your insurance. The husband and I were thinking about placing him on my insurance as well as having his. But I was told my numerous people not to do that because the companies will fight over who pays and nothing will get taken care of. We thought like y'all, the more insurance the better coverage but apparently it doesn't work like that. I hope something can get worked out. Prayers for you.

  4. Oh girlie! I am so sorry about the stupid medical director's decision! (That's what scares me about the new health system - people making decisions like that). I hope they can review it and approve it!

    And I am so sorry about Krissy too - praying for both of you!

  5. I feel so bad for you about your back and darn insurance co issues. Hope things get better for you soon. Like Leah says above - keep at em - squeaky wheel gets help every time!

  6. Prayers going your way... Weird about Krissy!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about the insurance, I have dealt a lot with insurance companies over the years, and I know how difficult it can be. It just really sucks when you pay for your policy, then they won't cover something! You will be in my thoughts!
    I hope Krissy gets better too! That is so great that you have such a wonderful vet to take care of her, now only if medical directors could be as caring!

  8. I sure do hope that Krissy will get well soon.It sounds like it has been rough all of you.
    My son is fighting his insurance co about his back surgery also.
    I wish there was a way we could get the insurance companies to pay out like you have to pay in.

  9. I've been following your crisis with Krissy. What an ordeal! I can't imagine dealing with MB over something like this....he'd be a nightmare to deal with (sedation, for sure.) How has Krissy been? I do hope she is on the mend soon! That veterinarian sounds amazing! You are blessed!
    Sorry to hear about your bad luck with insurance. Something has to work out so you can get your surgery and feel better!! I'm certainly praying for you! Hang in there!
    p.s. I wore my coral/cross necklace that I won on here this past week at our family horse so many compliments on it!!! :)

  10. Oh poor Krissy! Even though her eyes were ravaged and attacked for 12 days, the doctor has given her the go ahead to be barrel ridden now? Is it safe? Does she have clear enough vision now to be able to gallop safely around the barrels?
    It sounds just horrible what she has gone through. And it must be tough for DD having to be held back from riding and barrel racing, too. Of course, DD's safety depends on Krissy's good health, so it's always better to be safe than sorry.
    I hope Krissy continues to heal and is never affected by such nasty attacks and infections in her eyes ever again.

    And your ordeal with the insurance companies....BTDT. Awful!
    I feel for you, but you do have rights, although it's a hassle.
    The more you call, write and complain, eventually you'll get what you want and need. Make sure to document everything and be sure to get letters from your doctors explaining why your surgery is necessary and not investigational.
    Maybe the doctor's initial reports and requests for surgery were too vague. They need to be very specific about what is wrong with you and they intend to treat it.

    Don't give up, k? You will receive the good care you deserve. And of course, I will keep you in my prayers, too.