Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Answers to the "Speechless-ness"

So I just got done reading everyone's comments from my post yesterday "Even I Was Speechless", and thought I should say a couple more things. That post was SO long I didn't want these points to get lost in all of those words!

OH trust me she will NEVER get close to my child again! Me I usually have no problem telling someone off! The Hubby..well he likes to just be civil and avoid the situation in the future. As for me with this situation I cannot express enough just how shocked I was and really I didn't even know what to say. We did exchange some heated words and I do NOT have any of her things! Praise the Lord! We made sure to put it at her car while she was at the rodeo so she has no more ties to us.

I honestly just do not have an answer as to why I was kind enough to not tell her off...It really has me baffled and annoyed because I have never found myself in this situation, I have always spoke my mind but I really got a BAD vibe in the sense that it could just make things worse if I did.

Also I too was proud of my girl for standing her ground but I did not want TW to have anymore reasons to tell me why my child needs discipline.

And honestly in regard to her daughter JP I had no ill feelings towards her, DD didn't mind working with her. I felt so very sorry for her when I listened to the million other things her mother said she'd done to JP when she was *bad*. It wasn't until she made the comment about if we took this horse her mom wanted us to take and she "caught DD pulling on the horses mouth she'd yank her off that horse" that I realized she had this look in her eye that was not right and I pretty much felt like *oh great she's just like her momma, poor girl*!! It has been severely haunting me that maybe I should be alerting someone of this woman's abuse on her children.

UGHH friends I just am sick over the whole thing! But it is done, again I say she will NEVER get close to my child again. Unfortunately we will see them and probably often because they run in some of the same circuits but I fully intend on putting her in her place if she comes near us!

And DD has improved so much this rodeo season! But for all that she's improved she's kind of getting overwhelmed with all of the basic things and when she has a mess up in a run it is due to forgetting a key point in her run. So my original plan was to have Little Miss Sweetness (Bloggy friend P's daughter) work with her and I am sticking with that plan! We are hoping to get together one night this week and then hopefully at least once a week after. They live about an hour from us so with the still somewhat shorter daylight hours it'll be a challenge but we'll figure it out. DD is very excited about this as she loves both P and Little Miss Sweetness!

Thank you friends for the words of encouragement and validating that my girls reaction was spot on. Oh the wisdom of a child...Sometimes we as adults have to remember that a child can see things we may not catch right off the bat!


  1. Good for you!

    Ya know, a person is not always able to react like they would like to in public. When we lived in AZ, Meg and I was roping at a friend's place and she was having some problems getting Strawberry to back up. That was years ago and Strawberry was still green and Megan was a little girl. A friend of a friend walked up and kicked Strawberry so hard in the cannon bone, I thought he broke his leg. Strawberry jerked his leg up and floundered backward away from this guy. My instincts immediately went to war. While I wanted to run my own horse over the top of this guy, I was also worried that Strawberry was going to fall down with Megan. Help my kid or KO the jerk who thought this was an appropriate thing to do? NO BODY hurts my kid or my horses and this guy had just endangered both at once. I didn't run over him. I jumped off my horse, got hold of Strawberry, calmed him down, calmed Megan down and made sure the horse's leg wasn't broke. By that time the guy had walked over, untied his horse and was leaving the arena. Everyone else was frozen in horror. By the time I got Meg and Berry handed off to someone else, the guy was already at his trailer unsaddling. I told my friend we were leaving too, but I was going to have words with this jerk. She just nodded. I did have words with that SOB, not that it did any good I'm sure. No one could believe he would do such a thing and I don't even think he knew why he did it. Obviously, he knew it was wrong or he wouldn't have gathered his horse and prepared to leave without anyone saying a word to him.

    And you really can't argue with crazy people! LOL They just make you look as crazy as they are. ;-)

  2. I feel so sad for the daughter. She is definitely being abused both physically and psycologically.

    That woman is such a control freak. Why would anyone want to be around her?

  3. I'm just glad that no harm was done to DD and that you've been able to nip it in the bud. Man, that's scary!

  4. Hi, I am new to your blog, and wow, what a day to find you! That is some crazy stuff right there.
    I understand being speechless though. Sometimes, peoples behavior is so outragous, it is hard to even know how to react.

  5. Hoping always for the better. Be strong.


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