Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Horse Shopping Gone to Texas!!

During the last couple of weeks we have been on the hunt for a great horse for DD... Most of you know that horse shopping can be mentally exhausting to say the least! While it is fun to look at all of the beautiful different horses, it can be frustrating trying to look past the "beauty" and get to the facts on these horses! Every where you look you can find a hundred horses for sale but out of that hundred maybe a handful are even worth the time to look!

So during this search the Hubby has found a bay mare who is 7 years old. While I am one who is partial to paints or black horses this mare is beautiful! She is 15h tall and is just super awesome! So we are making a trek to Texas on Friday to see and ride her!! We are so excited to be going there! While I have found numerous others that are cheaper and closer to home I am constantly drawn back to her! So cross your fingers, say a prayer, and wish us luck!!


  1. Where in Texas? If you're near, you better say howdy!

  2. Good luck Michelle !!! The right horse will pick DD !

  3. Happy traveling, and horse hunting!

  4. I had a bay QH mare once with a big white blaze. She was pretty! Have a safe trip, let us know how she works out! :)

  5. She's very cute! Good luck. Hopefully the trip will be worth it!

  6. I hope the trip is worth it and she's 'the one'. She looks calm and confidant in the photo. Soft eye, too. Is she appendix? Could be a fast girl. She's got some big ol withers on here. Keep that saddle on good going around those barrels. hehe!

    I hear ya about horse shopping not being so fun. It's not like buying a new pair of shoes, eh?
    Sometimes, though, something about a horse stands out, and you've got listen to both your head.....and your heart.

    Tell us all about her when you get back.


  7. I like her I think is cute as button!

    Looks like she is built for some speed. Keep my fingers crossed for you!

  8. She is a beautiful horse and I will pray that you have a safe and successful trip this weekend.
    I will be waiting to hear the news.

  9. Good luck and safe travels. Where in texas you headed? Any where close to me?

  10. You ever thawt about gettin' one of them ostriches instead? I seed that in a movie once where you can ride them.

  11. Leah~ I will actually be close to you I think...We will be about 30 minutes north of Dallas :)

    Lisa~ Well yes by her looks she does look appendix, but I don't think she is actually "appendix registered", she has thoroughbred in her blood lines but I think they are all ROM, I guess I will see when I look at her actual papers. I cannot wait for D to try her out!! Hopefully the shopping ends soon!!

    Kit~ Your south of Dallas, right? We will be north of Dallas then in Allen for a bit.

    Rondell~ It's a good thing I wasn't swallowing anything when I read your comment LOL!! Did you see the Ostrich races on CMT?! That was recorded here where I live LOL!! Don't think we could stay on one of those! But the fall wouldn't hurt as bad!!

    Thanks everyone!! I will keep you updated!


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